CENTAURUS is an independent hotel group in France which ambition is to become a leader in Europe and around the world. After growing exponentially PARIS INN GROUP for more than 15 years, Jean-Bernard Falco, Céline Falco and Grégory Pourrin, created CENTAURUS in 2020 to continue and sustain the group's development.

The origin

Centaurus is one of the largest constellations in the southern hemisphere, containing countless thousands of stars, some of which are so bright that they can be seen from Earth. It owes its name to the Centaurus, a half-man/half-like creature from Greek mythology. The most famous centaur is Chiron, immortal and in charge of training young heroes with his extensive knowledge. It is based on these ambitious foundations that CENTAURUS was created as the mother brand of a growing group.

Centaurus, origin of a shiny constellation

Centaurus, an ever-changing odyssey

Already present in France (Paris and its surroundings, Belle-Île-en-Mer, Nîmes, Perpignan) and in Europe (Porto) thanks to its 40 hotels, 11 spas, its thalassotherapy as well as its 23 bars and restaurants, CENTAURUS is growing destination after destination to offer its guests an odyssey of new experiences, all unique but with the same family spirit that is inherent to the group. 


The CENTAURUS group, independent and family-owned, develops a real Family Spirit with its employees, partners, suppliers and customers, based on 5 values: Responsibility, Authenticity, Respect, Transmission and Solidarity.

The CENTAURUS group, independent and family-owned, develops a real Family Spirit with its employees, partners, suppliers and customers, based on 5 values: Responsibility, Authenticity, Respect, Transmission and Solidarity.

A 5-branches constellation

Centaurus Hospitality Management

the hotel management service, which supports all the group's properties.

Centaurus Majority shares

majority-owned properties of the group.

Centaurus Partnerships

partially-owned properties.

Centaurus Rental Management & Leases

properties for which the Group operates the business under management leases.

Maison Albar Hotels

the ownership and operation of the 5* Maison Albar Hotels brand throughout the world.

  • With Centaurus, our group's ambition becomes reality. We invite you to join us in this Odyssey, to go ever further for the benefit of our guests from all over the world.
  • Jean-Bernard Falco, Chairman and Founder.

The constellation's key figures



2938 rooms & suites marketed under 5 brands and positioned in the upmarket segment.




million euros of business volume

generated in 2022.


of annual occupation in 2022


billion euros of asset managed by the group


Centaurus - Hospitality Odyssey What will be your next destination ?


The management team

Jean-Bernard Falco

Jean-Bernard Falco

Chairman, Founder and Associate

Céline Falco

Céline Falco

CEO - Founder & Associate



CEO - Founder & Associate

Grégory Pourrin est diplômé de l’Ecole Hôtelière Internationale Savoie-Leman. Il occupe ensuite différentes fonctions qui lui permettent de se forger une expertise complète et multi-métiers du secteur de l’hôtellerie. En 2000, il débute ainsi sa carrière en tant que Responsable Commercial au sein de la Compagnie Hôtelière des Alpes, avant de créer, en 2005, sa société de prestations de services et de commercialisation à destination d’hôtels et de résidences de tourisme. En 2008, il rejoint la Compagnie d’Hôtels Holding en qualité de Directeur Général Délégué. Grégory Pourrin rejoint Jean-Bernard Falco et Céline Falco en 2011 en tant que Directeur Général de la société de gestion hôtelière Centaurus Hospitality Management (anciennement Paris Inn Group) et s’associe à la création du groupe Centaurus. Il bâti une organisation innovante et une stratégie de croissance permettant au groupe de prendre avec succès le virage de la montée en gamme et de l’ouverture à l’international.

mainly owned by Centaurus

Centaurus Hospitality Management OPERATES ALL THE HOTELS OF THE GROUP

including hotels under Management Agreement

and hotels under Commercializtion Agreement


Jean-Bernard Falco has been an entrepreneur for nearly 25 years. He began his career in banking, between 1993 and 2005, as a wealth management consultant specializing in hotels. In 1997, he bought a real estate agency specialized in hotel transactions in Paris. In 2005, he founded Centaurus Hospitality Management (former Paris Inn Group), the Centaurus group's hotel management company, side by side with his wife, Céline Falco, who comes from a family of four generations of hotel owners. Simultaneously serving as a judge at the Bobigny and Paris Commercial Courts from 2009 to 2013, Jean-Bernard Falco was appointed in November 2014 as " Fédérateur de la famille Tourisme à l'export " by Laurent Fabius, Secretary of Foreign Affairs and International Development. In June 2015, in light of the competition that French hoteliers face from unregulated furnished tourist accommodations, Jean-Bernard Falco decided to create, alongside his hotelier peers, the Association for Professional Accommodation and Tourism (AHTOP). He also became its President. In January 2021, he was named Knight of the Legion of Honor by President Emmanuel Macron. 


Céline Falco has an extensive experience in the hotel industry. Born into a family of four generations of hotel owners, she began her career in 2001 by becoming the manager of two Parisian hotels. In 2005, she founded Centaurus Hospitality Management (former Paris Inn Group), the Centaurus group's hotel management company, side by side with her husband, Jean-Bernard Falco, while ensuring that the values she has always held dear are honored: defending a truly human hotel industry where know-how is focused on customer satisfaction. By placing innovation at the heart of her strategy, she positions Centaurus as a pioneer and a leader in new trends in the hotel industry. In April 2014, Céline Falco was also appointed to the Board of Directors of Best Western France.

Grégory Pourrin graduated from the Savoie-Leman International Hotel School. He then held various positions that gave him the opportunity to gain a complete and multidisciplinary expertise in the hotel industry. In 2000, he began his career as a Sales Manager with the Compagnie Hôtelière des Alpes, before creating his own company in 2005, providing services and marketing for hotels and tourist residences. In 2008, he joined the Compagnie d'Hôtels Holding as Managing Director. Grégory Pourrin joined Jean-Bernard Falco and Céline Falco in 2011 as Managing Director of the hotel management company Paris Inn Group and was involved in the creation of Centaurus Group. He built an innovative organization and a growth strategy enabling the group to successfully expand its range of hotels and to open up internationally.


Isabelle began her career in the hotel industry at the age of 23 after studying International Business. Isabelle quickly became Operations Director and then Director of 2 Parisian four-star and three-star establishments with 289 rooms and 89 rooms part of The Gate Collection Hotel Group. In 2012, Isabelle made the Hotel du Collection get its 5 stars , which made the hotel the largest 5-star hotel in France with 480 rooms. In 2017, Isabelle left the group and became Managing Director of Sweet Inn Paris. Her expertise in operations enables this start-up to set up operational processes in Europe and Israel. In June 2019, Isabelle joined Centaurus Hospitality Management as Operations Director. Isabelle's mission is to assist hotel managers in the management of their establishment, to be the connection between the head office services and the hotels. Her department is composed of Food services, technical services, purchasing, customer service and operational projects.

Cécile joined Centaurus Hospitality Management in August 2019, after more than 20 years of experience in human resources in the hotel industry (France and Belgium). After a first experience in different hotel groups (Queen's Moat House, Golden Tulip, Millennium Hotels), she joined in 2009 the international hotel group Starwood Hotels & Resorts/ Marriott, first at the Sheraton Paris Airport, then at the Prince of Wales, to contribute to the success of the reopening of the establishment after more than two years of closure for renovation.This valuable diverse experience has contributed to giving her a "Business Partner" expertise in this evolving strategic function. Committed to conveying and bringing the company's values to life on a daily basis, she works within Centaurus Hospitality Management to implement bold and ambitious actions for all the teams, in order to contribute to the development of the employees and this dynamic and fast growing company.

Julien has a unique background in the hotel and travel technology industry with a deep knowledge and understanding of distribution, e-commerce, contract negotiations and large scale project management. Passionate about the luxury hotel industry, he began his career with Hilton where he spent twelve years in various hotel sales roles in France, then in the region - based in Dubai. He then moved to Starwood Hotels & Resorts where he held the position of Director of Global Sales Middle East, Greece & Turkey, before joining Accor in 2017 as VP Sales Mövenpick, then VP Sales Operations Accor, based in the headquarters. He is then in charge of ensuring the efficiency of global sales office operations, driving customer-focused sales strategy and process excellence across sales teams to meet customer and hotel needs.
In 2023, Julien joins Centaurus Hospitality Management as Sales & Marketing Director. He is responsible for Revenue Management, Sales, Digital and Communication departments, and is notably in charge of marketing the group's hotel portfolio and optimizing revenue.

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After more than eight years of experience in accounting firms where she was a corporate lawyer, Agnès joined the Centaurus Group in February 2021.

Her main mission is to ensure that obligations and deadlines are met in all contractual relations with the group's shareholders and privileged partners. In this role, Agnès is required to supervise all corporate legal tasks and, in fact, to lead the operational legal policy of the group's subsidiaries.


Before joining the Centaurus group, Aurélien Delbarry held several financial positions for five years within the Caisse d'Epargne IDF Paris, Total Group and Banque de France, which allowed him to gain experience in the fields of performance management, investment analysis and business valuation. After three years as Finance Project Manager at Sanofi, in charge of improving the IT department's financial information systems and implementing best practices within IS Finance, Aurélien joined the financial department of the Accor group to become Head of the Corporate Financial Control division where he supervised accounting, financial control and consolidation of the parent company, and works to improve the accounting and financial tools of the management. Then in 2017, Aurélien became Head of Financial Communication and Shareholder Relations in charge of corporate publications and shareholder relations for the Accor group. As Chief Financial Officer of the Centaurus Group, Aurélien is now responsible for leading the privileged relationship with investors and shareholders, coordinating fundraising, supervising the group's quarterly orders and financial reporting, and steering the budget development phases and reforcasting cycles. Aurélien's mission is also to manage the transformation of accounting and financial services in the Group's growth dynamics, to secure development projects and to cover risks. Aurélien is a graduate of the Amiens School of Management in Finance and holds a Master's degree in Management Sciences from the University of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne.


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